setsunadiava (setsunadiava) wrote in roseofglass,

Who's the uke anyway?

Lets face it. the paring's confusing. while kurama in human form is perfect as an uke, what about Youko? and then demon yusuke seems more of a seme than youko....or is there no seme in the pair?
i'd love to hear your opinions. ^_^
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It's only my preference but I can't think of Kurama, youko or human, to be seme.

After the ankoku bujutsukai (pardon the spelling error if there is), I think Youko Kurama had been portrayed not as scary. In the fight against Sensui, I can't see that terrifying killer aura he exuded in the tournament. When he was laughing with the guys, he actually looked... uh... cute and harmless. ^^' (At least for me)

Then during the makai tournament founded by Yusuke.... I think Youko Kurama looked more less harmful and "un-seme-ish".

I think Youko Kurama is a suitable uke, too. At least, he's uke in my Youko Kurama-Kuronue and YK-Yomi fantasy. ^^ If with Yusuke's youkai form, I think they'd also look great with Kurama as, always, uke.

>_< I think Shuuichi Minamino is more fragile/sophisticated uke while Youko Kurama can probably be loud and bitchy. ^^'

Just my two cents.
KURAMA IS UKE ALL THE WAY *waves kurama is uke flag and runs around*
only i haven't been able to find goog KXY fanfics with a good plot...

(some how kurama feels too old for hiei...)
i love,well, why don't you join my community? it's for all uke kurama fans..if you've got anything, you can post it..
which one? i'd love to...
it was called uke kurama club..but the username is hardyaoifangirl
>I think Shuuichi Minamino is more fragile/sophisticated uke while Youko Kurama can probably be loud and bitchy.

LOL...I totally agree to that...kurama suits very well to be the uke both human and demon form...Youko is a real slut ( really think he is)and will make a good uke who ever the partner is...XD

Hmm for me it kinda flips around, but I do think of Kurama as more of a seme if only because he is older and a lot more experienced sexually. But I doubt that either of them are in the same position all the time.
well, i prefer Kurama as uke to Yuusuke coz' last night i am having a very weird was Yuusuke and Kurama having a my yaoi hentai-side dream, Yuusuke is going to seduce Kurama but when he realize that Kurama is a virgin(he never had a sex with anyone{neither girl nor boy} and masturbating), Yuusuke decide to explore his body and as usual, to fuck his virgin asshole in order to take his virginity...
the weird dream ends after i woke up then i realize that i had fell down from my couch(i was sleeping at a couch last night)..damn, it really hurts my head..
That is a tough chose, though I'd have to say looking at their personalities that there wouldn't be a definite seme. Yusuke isn't one to follow authority and Kurama/Youko is too mature to let Yusuke rule his life. Though I could see Kurama putting his foot down and forcing Yusuke to go to school.

I would say Kurama as the seme strictly because of how many years he has "lived" and his experience. Although I am definitely a fan of Uke Kurama ^_^
I agree with shadow tsuki. I personally like the seme!Kurama because he should have more experience than Yusuke.

Though I may be bias too :D